Author’s note: I’m using my Verizon MiFi to make this post.

For the past day my ATT DSL service has been requiring multiple refreshes of my modem and finally at around 4:00pm EST I could no longer reconnect.

I called the support number, selected technical, indicated I did not live in any of the Southern states they asked about and was routed to a rep who was from one of the Southern states and couldn’t help me. She forwarded me to another rep who was from another division that couldn’t help me. And on the third forward I got to a person who could actually access my account.

She proceeded to run some tests and tell me that there was nothing wrong on their end, my modem was out of warranty, and that they needed to send a technician. I asked when one could be here. She said Monday to Friday something like eight to noon or noon to five. I said next week is Christmas and she suggested Monday, Christmas Eve. I said how about tomorrow? She said no. I agreed to Monday until noon.

She then began to ask me if I agreed to pay for the costs of the technician’s call and any equipment, since the modem was out of warranty, if it was a problem on my end. I asked how it wasn’t their responsibility to provide the service that I was paying monthly for and that the technician should be their cost. 

I decided considering the modem and router were very old, and ATT said there were no issues on their end, that I wouldn’t have a technician come, I’d simply go buy new equipment and set it up.

I went to ATT’s site to find a supported modem, found the Motorola DSL Modem Model 3360, and went to WalMart to buy one for $25 less. I drove about a half hour to get to one that had that specific model, of course a half dozen would have been closer, but I wanted to get my service back.

I got home, set up the new equipment, and still couldn’t connect. I replaced all the DSL filters with the new one’s that came with my modem, nothing. Back on the phone with ATT and following the prompts, enter my business account, and I get another person that can’t help me because I’m in the wrong region. I get transferred to, you guessed it another person from a region that can’t access my account to help me.

Credit to the last person who tried to think of ways to help me, asked questions about what I had by way of set-up, error codes, etc., but in the end he couldn’t get my connection fixed.

Restarted computer, modem, researched on-line, and it seems there is nothing I can find to get my connection back.

I’ve had this DSL account for over five years – it is a business account with a static IP address in our home. I started with an ATT 7&7 account with dial-up and long-distance, still pay to keep my email from that account because it couldn’t be transferred to my DSL account, have a different ATT long-distance account, have a family ATT cell phone plan with data plans and unlimited texts, and even have a credit card affiliated with ATT.

I seriously get the impression that ATT doesn’t have a clue that I have more than one of any of the above noted services from them. They appear to be ridiculously segmented internally and in one sense I get it, but at the same time, we’re talking mostly consumer and a custom email address could link all of this together, but they don’t seem to have made that effort.

I don’t think it is too much to ask to get the service you are expecting without going through exceptional frustration. I respect that I’m dealing with technology, but we are at that point where internet connectivity is as expected as electric, water and any other utility.

In the morning I’m going to have to attempt to hope that the phone routing system will get me to someone that can provide an answer better than we need to send a technician out.

What I don’t understand is that I can connect to their activation site, they can see me, why can’t we have a remote connection as opposed to the technician visit? Surely you can buy a router and connect to DSL outside of buying from ATT or using their technician.



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