Digital Strategy Presentation

For nearly ten years I worked in the non-profit sector for associations supporting and advancing the careers of healthcare marketing professionals. We conducted a range of programs from Executive Education programs to job specific training to more general panel and keynote sessions on current industry topics.

It gave me a unique insight into presenting for peers. During that time I also had the opportunity to make a few presentations within the non-profit community and locally on social media based on my community website.

Last year EXL Pharma contacted me about presenting at one of the their programs. While I very much wanted to participate, I didn’t feel that I had enough Medical Device specific results to speak to as I’d only been in my position for a year.

Fortunately, they followed up with me, and together we worked out a topic that would fit within their 2nd Annual Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West conference in San Diego taking place from April 29 through May 1 (program brochure available here).

While the title is a bit long, “How to Introduce Your Digital Strategy by Aligning the Enterprise Around a New Website”, I think the case study will be relevant to those trying to get their arms around digital in this space.

Primarily, the case study is focused on the steps in the website project and how they can be used to introduce a larger digital strategy.

The impetus for this was my surprise at how often within our medical business different product teams were working on similar digital projects, but addressing them in a manner that led to the outcome being usable by only their product team.

Last year we formed a Digital Strategy and Analytics team within Marketing Services in the Medical Systems Group. Our team was charged with developing a digital strategy and supporting all digital initiatives. At the end of 2011, six months before the formation of this team, senior management approved budget for a new website for our medical business in the US provided that we could expand it to our other entities in the Americas and leverage work done by our European counter-parts who were at that time about a year from launch of a new site themselves.

In short, we were asked to launch a new site “fast” and “economically”.

I know I gained a lot of knowledge throughout this process and I’m looking forward to both sharing and discussing it with my peers.

I’ve created the presentation from the standpoint of what I want to say, now I have to visualize it better. I will definitely call on some co-workers who are actually graphic designers to assist in this aspect.

While this blog has been ‘random’ at best, I’m going to use it from now through May to address points from the presentation, then the conference itself, and hopefully continue to post more regularly on these topics moving forward.




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