Reader to Currents?

The news this week that Google was killing off Reader was devastating to me. I probably use Google reader close to three hours per day and have a personal and work account.

Being devastated maybe isn’t the right word, dumbfounded is probably better.

I read one article noting that the product is so tightly tied to the search algorithm that it could neither be sold nor open sourced, and since it isn’t being monetized it would either be a perpetual loss, or needed to be killed. Okay, I get that.

So how do I keep track of all these feeds in the future?

One option is Google Currents, a Flipboard alternative.

Once you install Currents, select Add Subscriptions. If you are logged into your Google account, there is an option for Google Reader. You have to manually add each feed, and while that is a bit of a bummer, it is also an opportunity to clean up your feed reader.

I’m going to try using this and see if it works as an acceptable alternative.

I also noticed that in two days a petition to keep Google Reader registered over 100,000 signatures, so maybe there is hope, but I’d doubt it.


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