My Replacement Reader – Feedly

I’ve been using Feedly for a few weeks now primarily from the iPad and while it doesn’t 100% get me what I had in Google Reader, it is close enough to be my choice moving forward.

The two negatives about Feedly are first, posting to G+ requires opening a browser and visiting the G+ page, plus a limitation not of Feedly, but the page itself, I can’t post to communities only circles.

The second negative is that I can’t search my feeds. This is a big one as my second reader account is for work and I would search feeds for mentions of our company, product, or competitors.

Now for the positives, and there are many so I’m going to focus on three.

First, Feedly is dead simple to get started with. You simply log-in with your Reader and it makes a copy of everything. Now when Reader is shut down, you are all set.

Second, management. Feedly impressed me when the onslaught of new users came. In 48 hours over 500,000 new users arrived and management made this post to their blog, “Keeping the site up, listening and adding new features.” They have done exactly those three things ever since. This gives me confidence that the product is not going away and is only going to get better.

Finally, communication. Feedly does a great job of updating users on their blog.

It appears that Feedly did a lot more right, than it did wrong when Google made the decision to kill off Reader. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how their progress continues.


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