Notes from Realigning Orgs for Digital

Today I listened to a webinar by The Digital Marketing Depot titled, “Who’s in Charge? Realigning Organizations for the Digital Age” featuring Moderator: Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land and panelists: Sameer Khan, Marketing, Analytics & Tech Leader, Rackspace, Randy Gelfand, Web Analytics Program Manager at IBM, Scott Nickels, SEO Evangelist, Online Marketing Strategist, Search Marketer, Technologist.

Khan addressed organizing the business based on the impact of digital and having greater collaboration with less siloed activity. Further, how do you restructure the team to acclimate to digital, while also providing clear career paths for team members.

Gelfand spoke to the challenge of diverse requests for reports from across marketing and soon realized needed to have more universal KPI’s. Working toward more universality in databases, multi-site management, dashboards, etc. He also noted that his team consults with marketing. He directs his team to work with marketing to determine what they want to know and then go back and figure out the best way to get that information for them and present it to them. They utilize internal social services to create groups and forums and they share information in that manner instead of sending emails.

What are the biggest challenges when aligning digital strategy in addition to communication and silos? Gelfand noted attribution is a challenge, because everyone wants to get credit for traffic they are driving (PPC vs. Email vs. SEO, etc) and you want them to be working toward driving the most traffic but not in conflict with one another. Khan said synchronized reporting was critical for senior management in a single dashboard. Nickels reinforced the fact that there are multiple touchpoints and you can only split a dollar so many ways, have to find ways to give credit to multiple touchpoints not the final one only.

When asked how to overcome resistance to change, Gelfand noted the need to communicate in the language of the audience. You don’t present to senior management in the same way you do to a senior analyst. You also have to listen carefully to understand what they want. Khan addressed not only how critical communication is, but identifying who the influencers in various departments are and be sure to be communicating with them, align with them, and have them advocate for you.






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