Apigee Webinar on DevOps & Mobile Apps

Today I listened to the webinar, “DevOps & Apps – Building and Operating Successful Mobile” presented by Apigee. Ben Whaley and Alan Ho discussed the latest thinking in DevOps and did a great job. Here are the highlights:

Began by addressing the fact that building an app is different than server environment because you don’t have consistency or control, but you are responsible for the quality of app. There are a range of devices with hundreds of thousands of combinations when you consider Android, Device Makers, and Models.

What else is unique to apps in mobile? Battery life, may not always have a network connection, carriers and manufactures impose limitations that vary from one to another, and it is a rapidly changing landscape – even moreso than technology in general. They also discussed the significant differences of throughput and latency depending on the network and carrier. 

API layer you can measure time it takes to make a call and compare networks in order to optimize. You also want to look at use statistics from the business layer: how many sign-ups, users, shares, etc.

Addressed the importance of having consistent reporting across the stakeholders and monitor through a dashboard that pulls everything together for you.

You can add configuration files to the phone, but not code, so use the configuration files to your advantage.

Looking ahead, devices will expand from tablets and phones to appliances and other devices as we enter, “The Internet of Things”.

No surprise, data volume is going to continue to increase.

Unfortunately my audio cut out for the summary & questions, but it was an overall good presentation and worth my time.






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