Me vs. the Marketer In Me

I don’t think anyone missed the revelation and fall-out regarding PRISM and its data review/collection efforts.

And while I don’t believe breaking the law is acceptable so long as good outcomes result, I’m surprised that more people aren’t as upset with so many other data collections that occur regularly and impact our lives.

Recently, The Verge noted that Acxiom, according to Forbes, will soon let individuals view/review the data collected on them, most of it any rate.

Also from The Verge was a story on Palantir, which helps CA police scan license plates in an attempt to identify stolen vehicles in an automated fashion, but which also records all plates the sensors on the cruiser encounters and stores them in a database.

When you combine all of this with loyalty programs, bank and credit card, online cookies, surveillance cameras (store and/or parking lot and roadways) there is no such thing as privacy.

Yet, I want a bit as an individual. Companies are being built around creating profiles of consumers on a named basis. While as a marketer I want information in order to segment and target my messaging so it is relevant, I also want to maintain some personal privacy.

I think it is time that we approach individual’s data in the same manner as we do healthcare and pass a HIPAA for the consumer. If individuals want to get paid for making data available to 3rd parties, fine, but it ought to be an option.


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