Process and Content in the Enterprise

This week I watched a webinar presented by Alfresca titled, “Drive Efficiency and Productivity with a Process-centric Approach to ECM” hosted by Jean Cameron featuring panelists Craig LeClair and Todd Barr.
While I missed the opening 15 minutes of the webinar, afterward I received both a link to a recording of the session and the slidedeck. I was also provided a link to an infographic on integrating ECM and Business Process.
Forrester’s Craig LeClair opened addressing the evolution of the industry.
He spoke about adoption and user productivity vs. operational management and explained that more than ECM, the really new software market emerging at domain level are “focus defeats scope”.
In this final statement there were some questions as many, including myself saw “focus” as minimalized scope, not small vs. big, but in Q & A there was some further expansion, that I frankly missed.
Today’s smart process apps are designed for people and built for change.
Imagine concepts of Capture, BPM, Collaboration, Awareness, and Analysis all  rolled into mobile and you have smart process apps, which will grow at twice the rate of traditional ERP.
Top Content Use Cases in Financial Services – reduce operational costs, increase the number of new customers/accounts, and better manage enterprise risk
In Government, doing more with less requires investment in technology.
Healthcare is seeking to reduce administrative costs, increase collections and reimbursements, and reduce medical errors.
Digital Disruption means better ideas, faster.
The difference between old disruption vs. digital disruption – digital has 10x the number of innovators at 1/10th the cost and 100x the power to disrupt.
The trick is to embrace simplicity and focus on primary needs.
Todd Barr followed up with an explanation of some of the solutions offered by Alfresco.
80% out of the box is the low cost portion of a solution, while the top of the pyramid is more complex, contains more risk, has more cost, but can provide significant differentiation needed for the business.
Alfresco is a new approach to ECM.
Value, Simple (Develop, deploy and use), Innovation and Interoperability.
Is your challenge business problem proccess or collaboration centric?
Process: claims processing, employee on-boarding, etc
Collaboration: shared drive replacement, mobile content mngt, content collaboration
Alfresca offers Workdesk for process and Share for collaboration.
Found it interesting, but Alfresca open-source is a bit convoluted as I worked through their site. Need to understand it better before commenting further.
Session Twitter comments available at #ecmp

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