Sites Using Drupal

Several prominent companies and government agencies are now using Drupal, and Forrester named Acquia a leader in its 3rd Quarter 2013 Social Platform leader for Drupal Commons, so I’m guessing that number will grow.

Two weeks ago, I conducted a test of Medical Device manufacturers’ sites and only Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson company, was using Drupal. In Pharma, I only checked ten big pharma companies, and two were using the platform, Pfizer and J & J. While I would have liked to have been the first to market in Device, I’m okay with rolling out the second site for Olympus’ Medical Systems Group in the US with future rollouts for the Americas.

This also got me thinking about who else is using Drupal and really, what approach are other companies taking to website platforms. I used the Chrome Plug-In Wappalyzer (and while searching the Chrome  store for the link found PageXray which I just installed). Both of these plug-ins will identify what technology is used on a site. Word of caution, some sites use a basic html home page and then leverage multiple installations of a CMS if they have many sites (think big media networks with sites for every channel or show within a channel).

So here are a few of the big ones across some different industries:

The White House – probably not a more high-profile site than this one.

The New York Stock Exchange – another very high-profile site. I had the opportunity to speak with some of the NYSE’s Drupal team this week and while I am concerned with content we post due to FDA regulation, they opened my eyes to their dual concern of content coupled with timing of release, due to SEC regulations.

MIT Media Lab – this group knows something about technology and media.

The University of Arizona – my alma mater, had to include them.

The Linux Foundation – another group that knows a little something about technology and software. – a community for Java developers. – another high-profile site.

The Grammy’s – I’d imagine this site was built with traffic spikes in mind.

The Emmy’s – ditto.

Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page just two of many musicians and bands that have moved to Drupal.

There are many more and you can visit the Drupal Showcase (which I found in the midst of writing this post) to see which companies in your industry are using the platform.


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