Olympus Medical Website for US Launched on Drupal Today

Pulled the password off the new Olympus Medical website – http://medical.olympusamerica.com/ for US today after 22 months of work to replace gyrusacmi.com and olympusamerica.com/msg_section.

We pulled the password and sent an internal employee email and will send out a customer note on Monday along with a press release prior to redirecting. We had great partners in Door 3 and Drupal Connect, for usability and configuration, plus Limelight for CDN and Acquia for 24/7 enterprise support.

Herding cats would be an understatement, multiple departments, four vendors, 42 content owners, and 488 pages.

Custom mobile to launch by 10/1, then time to build out sites for Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and the balance of Latino America.

So proud of the site and all the work put in by so many people!


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