My Twitter Quandary Follow-Up

Last week I wrote about My Twitter Quandary.

Afterwards, I decided that LinkedIn was a more important network to me than Twitter was, so I changed my BufferApp settings to send to LinkedIn, and created an IFTTT to forward any LinkedIn update to Twitter.

My LinkedIn network is comprised of individuals I know. These are people I’ve worked with, communicated with, and done business with in the past. These individuals are the ones who I want to keep me in mind and know what topics are currently of interest to me.

In my case, this network is also larger than my Twitter network, so it makes perfect sense from a personal branding perspective. On the other hand, Twitter is an outreach network. If I can meet some new people great, but acquisition is a lot more costly than maintaining relations, so it becomes a bonus to be able to forward along.

I also reviewed my LinkedIn description and my Groups. With the groups, I cut out quite a few down to 23 from 49, to represent, again, what I am currently most interested in.

I’ve not found a lot of benefit in providing answers, as there were far too many poor questions to scan through to get to the good ones worth responding to.  I did see that there are a few new features in LinkedIn including the ability to Follow specific companies and to endorse skills of fellow contacts.

The latter I see as an extremely valuable networking tool.

All in all, I think LinkedIn provides much more value for personal branding than Twitter, especially in light of its recent terms changes. Depending on who you are and what you are trying to achieve, I’m sure the equation changes quite a bit, but for me, LinkedIn is more valuable than Twitter, and I’m keeping a close eye on G+ as it has many elements of most social activities, it simply lacks the daily user base.


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